Moon Manifesting Planner™

Moon Manifesting Planner 2017

Use your own personal astrological cycles to manifest your dreams.


The New Moon is the time for setting intentions. But what if you could laser-focus those intentions and amp up your manifesting?

If you take a look at where the New Moon lands in your own chart, you will see that it follows a cycle. Each area that it encounters every month is the area that is ripe for manifesting.

The Moon Manifesting Planner™ allows you to plan out an entire year of manifesting at the right targeted time.

All the resources you need are in this planner. All the astrology, crystals, essential oils, tarot spreads, and instructions are here to craft your own personal manifestations every New Moon.

Do you want effortless flow in your life?

Benefits of using this planner:



What is in this planner?



ON SALE FOR $22! The 2017 Moon Manifesting Planner™ is $35 + shipping (worldwide)

Digital pdf version available also for $25 NOW ONLY $18!


Chart add-on option:

Get your own chart with the New Moons located for you. This is an add-on option for the planner. With your birth info (fill out at checkout) you will get a chart printed with the location of the New Moon for all 12 months. Perfect if you want things easy-peasy. $10 (digital version is $15)



The planner is in an earth-friendly sturdy chipboard 3 ring binder. Perfect for adding your own pages with journaling and art. There are some page protectors that you can keep your clippings for your vision boards. The possibilities for use are wide open!